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Clue Answer Explanation
1 I Roman numeral, appearance
5 V Roman numeral
10 X Roman numeral
50 L Roman numeral
100 C Roman numeral
1,000 M Roman numeral
A follower B Alphabet (B follows A)
About C, CA, RE Circa, regarding (re:)
Academic DD, PROF Doctor of Divinity, professor
Acceleration G Gravity
Account AC Abbreviation
Accountant CA Chartered accountant
Ace A Abbreviation
Advert AD Abbreviation
Afternoon PM Post meridiem
Against V, VS Versus (vs.)
Agent REP Representative
Agricultural AG Abbreviation
Air conditioning AC Abbreviation
Airman AC Aircraftman
Alien ET Extra-terrestrial
Also known as AKA Abbreviation
Aluminium AL Chemical symbol
Ambassador HE Her/his excellency
America AM, US, USA Abbreviation (United States of America)
American ship USS United States Ship
American soldier GI GI
Amnesty AI Amnesty International
Ancient city UR Ur
Ancient times BC Before Christ
And French et et
Anglican CE Church of England
Anglo-Saxon AS Abbreviation
Answer AY, AYE Aye
Arabic AR Abbreviation
Arbiter REF Referee
Area A Abbreviation
Army cop MP Military policeman
Army corps REME Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Artificial intelligence AI Abbreviation
Artillery RA Royal Artillery
Artist RA Royal Academy
Asian E Eastern
At home IN Definition (e.g. to eat in)
Attorney DA, PA District Attorney, Practicing Attorney
Australia AUS, OZ Abbreviation, slang
Avenue AVE Abbreviation
Bachelor of Arts BA Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts BM Bachelor of Medicine
Basque nationalists ETA Euskadi Ta Askatasuna
Bearing N, E, S, W Compass
Beginner L Learner (e.g. L-plate)
Bend U, S U-bend, S-bend
Bible AV Authorized Version
Bill AC, IOU Account, IOU
Bird TIT Tit
Bishop B, RR, DD Abbreviation, chess, Right Reverend, Doctor of Divinity
Bob S Shilling (money)
Bond’s boss M M
Bone OS Osteo
Book B Abbreviation
Books OT, NT, MS, GEN Old Testament, New Testament, manuscript, Genesis
Boy B Abbreviation
Bridge player N, E, S, W Bridge/compass
British B, BR Abbreviation
Byte B Abbreviation
Calcium CA Chemical symbol
California CA, CAL Abbreviation
Capone AL Al Capone
Car T, RR Model T, Rolls-Royce
Carbon copy CC Abbreviation
Care of CO Abbreviation
Castle R Rook (chess)
Celsius C Abbreviation
Cent C Abbreviation
Centigrade C Abbreviation
Century C Abbreviation, Roman Numerals
Chapter C, CH Abbreviation
Charged ION Charge, ion
Chartered accountant CA Chartered accountant
Chief CH Abbreviation
Chlorine CL Chemical symbol
Chromosome X, Y Sex chromosome
Church CE Church of England
Church of England CE Abbreviation
Circa C Abbreviation
Circle O Appearance
City NY, LA, EC New York, Los Angeles, City of London (Postcode)
Civil engineer CE Abbreviation
Clubs C Cards
Coin P, D, C Penny, denarius, cent
Colonel COL Abbreviation
Colt C Abbreviation
Commercial AD Advertisement
Common Era CE Abbreviation (CE)
Communist RED Communist symbolism
Companion CH Order of the Companions of Honour
Company CO Abbreviation
Compare CF Confer (Latin abbreviation)
Compass point N, E, S, W Compass
Computer PC Personal computer
Concerning RE Regarding
Conservationists NT National Trust
Conservative C, CON Abbreviation
Constable PC Police constable
Constant E, PI e, pi
Copper P, D, CU, PC Penny, denarius, chemical symbol, police constable (slang)
Corner NE, SE, SW, NW Compass
Councillor CL, CLR, CLLR Abbreviation
Court CT Abbreviation
Credit CR Abbreviation
Criminal CON Convict
Cross X Appearance
Current AC, DC, I, AMP, AD Alternating current, direct current, unit, Anno Domini
Cystic fibrosis CF Abbreviation
Cyprus CY Abbreviation
Date D Abbreviation
Daughter D Abbreviation
Dead, died D, DEC, EX, OB Abbreviation, deceased, ex-, obituary
Decoration VC, GC Victoria Cross, George Cross
Degree D, DEG, C, F, BA, MA Abbreviation, Celsius, Fahrenheit, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts
Detective inspector DI Abbreviation
Detectives CID Criminal Investigation Department
Deutschmark DM Abbreviation
Diamonds D Cards
Diana DI Abbreviation
Dinner jacket DJ Abbreviation
Direction N, E, S, W Compass
Disc, disk O, EP, LP, CD Appearance, extended play, long play, compact disc
Disease TB Tuberculosis
Doctor DOC, DR, BM, MB, MD, MO, GP Abbreviation, Bachelor of Medicine, Medicinae Baccalaureus, Medicinae Doctor, Medical Officer, general practitioner
Dram DR Abbreviation, unit (dram)
Drama NOH Noh
Drama company REP Repertory theatre
Drip IV Intravenous drip
Drug C, E, X, H Cocaine, ecstasy, heroin
Dry TT, AA Teetotal, Alcoholics Anonymous
Duck O Cricket
Ducks OO Cricket
Each EA Abbreviation
East E Abbreviation
East Germany GDR German Democratic Republic
Ecstasy E, X Ecstasy
Editor ED Abbreviation
Egg O Appearance
Electricity AC, DC Alternative current, direct current
Eleven II, XI Appearance, Roman numerals
Elizabeth E Abbreviation
Energy E, J Abbreviation, Joule
Engineer CE, RE, ME Civil engineer, royal engineer, mechanical engineer
English E Abbreviation
Escape ESC Abbreviation
Established EST Abbreviation
Estimated time of arrival ETA Abbreviation
Europe EU, EC European Union, European Community
Exercise PT, PE, TRAIN Physical therapy/training, physical education
Exist BE To be
Extra W Cricket (extra runs from a wide ball)
Extra-terrestrial ET Abbreviation
Extra large XL Abbreviation
Fahrenheit F Abbreviation
Father FR, DAD, DA, PA Abbreviation, Dad, Slang
Female F Abbreviation
Fighter plane MIG MiG
Fine F, OK F (pencil), OK
Firm CO Company
First IST 1st
First class AI A1
Fish CARP, COD, EEL, LING, etc. Fish
Fleet RN Royal Navy
Flying bomb VI V1
Following F Abbreviation
Football association FA Football Association
Football club FC Football Club
For example EG Exempli gratia
Force F Abbreviation
Former (partner) EX Ex
France F Abbreviation
Frenchman M Monsieur
Game RU Rugby Union
Gas H, O, N, CO, CS Hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, capsicum spray
German submarine U U-boat
Germany GER, D Abbreviation, Deutschland
George G Abbreviation
Georgia GA, GE GA (state), GE (country)
German G Abbreviation
Glasses OO Appearance
Gold AU, OR Chemical symbol, heraldry
Good G, PI Abbreviation, pious
Good man ST Saint
Graduate BA, MA, etc. Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts
Gram G Abbreviation
Grand G, M, K Abbreviation, Roman numeral, kilo
Grand prix GP Abbreviation
Greek character or letter PI, NU, MU, XI, etc. Greek alphabet
Group GP Abbreviation
Guevara CHE Che Guevara
Gunners, gunmen RA Royal Artillery
Gym PT, PE, TRAIN Physical therapy/training, physical education
Hand N, E, S, W Bridge hands
Hard H Pencil
Hear T Position on hearing aid
Hearts H Cards
Hectare HA Abbreviation
Helium HE Abbreviation
Heroin H Abbreviation
Hexadecimal HEX Abbreviation
Hire purchase HP Abbreviation
Holy man ST Saint
Home counties SE Southeast of England
Honour OBE OBE
Honours BA, MA, etc. Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts
Horse G, GG Slang
Hospital H Abbreviation
Hospital department AE, ED, ENT Accident & emergency, emergency department, ear, nose & throat
Hour H, HR Abbreviation, unit (hour)
Houses of parliament HP Abbreviation
Hug O xo
Hundred C, TON Roman numerals, ton
Husband H Abbreviation
Hush SH Shush
Hydrogen H Abbreviation
I am IM I’m
Iceland IS Country code
In charge IC Abbreviation
Inch IN Abbreviation
Independent I, IND Abbreviation
Information technology IT Abbreviation
Initial INIT Abbreviation
Inspector DI Detective inspector
Instant message IM Abbreviation
Integrated circuit IC Abbreviation
Intelligence IQ Intelligence quotient
Internet (provider) ISP Internet service provider
Image PIC Picture
Iodine I Abbreviation
Ireland IRE Abbreviation
Irish Republican Army IRA Abbreviation
Iron FE Chemical symbol
Island IS Abbreviation
Jack J, TAR, AB Abbreviation, Jack Tar, able-bodied seaman
Jolly RM Royal Marine
Journalist ED Editor
Judge J, REF Abbreviation, referee
Junction T T-junction
Junior JR Abbreviation
Kelvin K Abbreviation
Kentucky KY State code
Key A, B, C, D, E, F, G Musical keys
Kick off KO Abbreviation
Kilo K Abbreviation
King K, R, HM, HRH, GR, CR Abbreviation, rex, His Majesty, His Royal Highness, King George, King Charles
Kiss X xo
Knave J Jack
Knight K, KT, KBE, KG, N Abbreviation, Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Knight of the Garter, chess
Knock out KO Abbreviation
Knot KT Abbreviation
Labour LAB Abbreviation
Lake L, LA Abbreviation
Large number C, D, M, K Roman numerals, kilo
Last (character) Z Alphabet
Last month ULT Ultimo
Lawrence DH, TE D H Lawrence, T E Lawrence
Lawyer BL, DA Bachelor of Law, District Attorney
Lead PB Chemical symbol
Learner L Abbreviation
Left L Abbreviation
Letter EF, EL, EM Alphabet; sounds like ‘F’, ‘L’, ‘M’, etc.
Liberal L, LIB Abbreviation
Lieutenant LT Abbreviation
Line L Lower-case L is a line; l
Lines RY, BR Railway, British Rail
Litre L Abbreviation
Local area network LAN Abbreviation
Long wave LW Abbreviation
Look LO Abbreviation
Los Angeles LA Abbreviation
Loud F, FF Forte, fortissimo
Love O Tennis
Madame MME Abbreviation
Maiden M Cricket
Male M, HE, PA Abbreviation, he, paternal
Manager MIC Man in charge
Many CL, XD, etc. Roman numerals
Map-makers OS Ordinance Survey
Marines RM Royal Marines
Married M Abbreviation
Master of Arts MA Abbreviation
Master of ceremonies MC Abbreviation
Masters MA Master of Arts
Medal VC, GC, OBE, OM, etc. Victoria Cross, George Cross, Order of the British Empire, Order of Merit
Medic DOC, DR, BM, MB, MD, MO, GP Abbreviation, Bachelor of Medicine, Medicinae Baccalaureus, Medicinae Doctor, Medical Officer, general practitioner
Megabyte MB Abbreviation
Member (of Parliament) MP Member of Parliament
Messerschmitt ME Abbreviation
Midday N Noon
Middle East ME Abbreviation
Midfielder L Middle letter of ‘fielder’
Military police MP Abbreviation
Ministry of Defence MOD Abbreviation
Minute M Abbreviation
Model T Model T Ford
Moment MO Abbreviation, slang
Monarch ER, GR, Q, K, R Elizabeth Regina, George Rex, queen, king, rex, regina
Monsieur M Abbreviation
Months MOS Abbreviation (month = mo.)
Morning AM Ante meridiem
Mother MUM, MOM, MA Slang
Motor racing FI F1 (formula one)
Motorway M, MI Abbreviation, M1
Namely SC, IE Scilicet, id est
National trust NT Abbreviation
Navy RN, ABS, TARS Royal navy, able-bodied seamen, slang
Nazis SS Schutzstaffel
Neon NE Chemical symbol
New N Abbreviation
New Testament NT Abbreviation
New York NY Abbreviation
Newspaper RAG Slang
Newton N Abbreviation, unit (Newton)
Nitrogen N Abbreviation
No ball NB Abbreviation
No good NG Abbreviation
Noon N Abbreviation
North N Abbreviation
Not applicable NA Abbreviation
Note A, B, C, D, E, F, G; DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, TI, TE, DOH, NB Musical notes, nota bene
Nothing O Zero
Novice L Learner (e.g. L-plate)
Now AD Anno Domini
Number I, V, X, C, D, M, L Roman numerals
Nurse RN, EN Registered nurse, enrolled nurse
Ocean O Abbreviation
Odds SP Starting price
Officer OC, CO Officer Corps, commanding officer
Old O Abbreviation
Old boy OB Abbreviation
Old city UR Ur
Old man DAD, DA, PA Slang (father)
Old person OAP Old age pensioner
Old record EP EP
Old Testament OT Abbreviation
One A, AN, I, ACE Single articles, one, ace (cards)
Operating system OS Abbreviation
Operation OP Abbreviation
Order OM Order of Merit
Ordinary seaman OS Abbreviation
Oriental E Eastern
Other ranks OR Non-commissioned ranks (military)
Ounce OZ Abbreviation
Outsized OS Abbreviation
Over the top OTT Abbreviation
Overdose OD Abbreviation
Oxygen O Abbreviation
Page P Abbreviation
Painters RA Royal Academy
Paramilitaries ETA, IRA, UFF, UDA Basque Nationalists, Irish Republican Army, Ulster Freedom Fighters, Ulster Defence Association
Parking P Abbreviation
Party DO, LAB, LIB, LD, CON, C, TORY Slang, Labor, Liberals, Liberal Democrats, conservatives, Tory
Peacekeepers UN United Nations
Pencil HB HB
Penny P, CU Abbreviation, copper
Phone company BT BT
Physical education PE Abbreviation
Physical training PT Abbreviation
Pint PT Abbreviation
Place PL, SET, SITE, SPOT Abbreviation, set, site, spot
Plane MIG MiG
Plate L, P L-plate, P-plate
Playing ON Stage
Poem IF If
Poet TS T S Eliot
Point N, E, S, W Compass
Pole N, S North, South
Policeman PC, DI, MET, CID Police Constable, Detective Inspector, Metropolitan Police, Criminal Investigation Department
Politician MP Member of Parliament
Posh U Upper class
Post office PO Abbreviation
Potassium K Chemical symbol
Pound LB, L Symbol (weight, currency)
Power P Abbreviation
Present day AD AD
Priest PR, REV, RR, DD, FR, ELI Abbreviation, reverent, Right Reverend, Doctor of Divinity, Father, Eli (Bible)
Prime Minister PM Abbreviation
Princess DI Princess Di
Printer’s measure EN, EM Typographic units
Prisoner of War POW Abbreviation
Private investigator PI Abbreviation
Promises IOUS IOU
Province NI Northern Ireland
Pub PH Public House
Public Record Office PRO Abbreviation
Quarter N, NE, NW, E, etc. Compass
Quartet IV Roman numerals
Queen Q, ER, R, HM Abbreviation, Elizabeth Regina, Her Majesty
Queen’s honour OBE OBE
Quiet P, SH Piano, shush
Railway R, RY, BR Abbreviation, British Rail
Record EP, LP Extended play, long play
Referee REF, UMP Abbreviation, umpire
Regina R Abbreviation
Resistance R Unit
Retired RET Abbreviation
Reverend REV, RR, DD Abbreviation, Right Reverend, Doctor of Divinity
Rex R Abbreviation
Right R Abbreviation
Ring O Appearance
River R, DEE, EXE, MA, NILE, PO, etc. Abbreviation, River Dee, River Exe, Ma River, NilePo
Road RD, AI Abbreviation, A1
Rolls Royce RR Abbreviation
Rook R Abbreviation
Roughly CA Circa
Round O Appearance
Royal Academy RA Abbreviation
Royal Artillery RA Abbreviation
Royal Engineers RE Abbreviation
Royal Marines RM Abbreviation
Royal Navy RN Abbreviation
Rugby RU Rugby union
Run R Abbreviation
Sailor, salt, seaman AB, TAR, SALT, JACK, HAND, OS Able-bodied seaman, slang, ordinary seaman
Saint S, ST Abbreviation
Same DO Ditto
Sappers RE Royal Engineers
Satisfactory S Abbreviation
Say EG Exempli gratia
Second S, MO Abbreviation, moment
Second-class B B-grade
Secret service SS Abbreviation
Secretary PA Personal assistant
Senior service RN Royal Navy
Setter I, ME Crossword setter
Sex appeal SA, IT Abbreviation, the ‘it’ girl
Shakespearean king LEAR King Lear
Shilling S Abbreviation
Ship SS Screw steamer / steam ship
Shirt T T shirt
Short time T Shortening of ‘Time’
Short wave SW Abbreviation
Significant other SO Abbreviation
Silk QC, KC Queen’s Counsel, King’s Counsel
Silver AG Chemical symbol
Single I 1
Small S Abbreviation
Society S Abbreviation
Sodium NA Chemical symbol
Soft P, B Piano (music), B (pencil)
Soldier RM, RE, GI, VET Royal Marine, Royal Engineer, General Infantryman, veteran
Son S Abbreviation
South S Abbreviation
Spades S Cards
Spectacles OO Appearance
State CA, FL, etc. California, Florida, etc.
Stone ST Abbreviation
Street ST Abbreviation
Square S Abbreviation
Student L, NUS Learner, National Union of Students
Submarine SUB, U Abbreviation, U-boat
Sweat BO Body odour
Tabloid SUN, RAG The Sun, slang
Take R Recipe (Latin for ‘take’)
Tar AB Able-bodied seaman
Tax VAT, GST, IRS Value added tax, goods and services tax, Internal Revenue Service
Teachers NUT National Union of Teachers
Team XI Roman numerals (eleven players in football or cricket team)
Teetotal TT, AA Abbreviation, Alcoholics Anonymous
Temperature T Abbreviation
Ten X Roman numerals
Territorial Army TA Abbreviation
Terrorists ETA, IRA, UFF, UDA Basque Nationalists, Irish Republican Army, Ulster Freedom Fighters, Ulster Defence Association
Thanks TA Ta
That is IE, SC id est, scilicet
The thing IT It
Theologian DD Doctor of Divinity
This month INST Instante mense
Thousand M, G, K Roman numeral, grand, kilo
Time T, S, M, AGE Abbreviation, second, minute, age
Times X Multiplication symbol
Toilet WC Water closet
Top class AI A1
Tory CON Conservative
Translator TR Abbreviation
Trendy IN Slang
Tripod Y Appearance
Tungsten W Chemical symbol
Tyro L Learner
Unknown X, Y, Z Variables
Variable X, Y, Z Mathematical unknowns
Versus V, VS Versus (vs.)
Very V Abbreviation
Very black BB Pencil
Vessel SS Screw steamer / steam ship
Viscount VIS Abbreviation
Vitamin A, B, BI, C, D, etc. Vitamins (BI = B1)
Volunteers TA Territorial Army
Vote X ☒ (voting)
Way RD, ST, AVE Road, street, avenue
Weight G, LM Gram, pound
Wheel O Appearance
Whistle-blower REF Referee
Wide W Abbreviation
Wife W Abbreviation
Will LL Contraction
With W Abbreviation
Without WO Abbreviation
Women’s supporter BRA Brassiere
Work W, OP, OPUS Abbreviation, operation, opus
Worker ANT, BEE Worker ant, worker bee
X IO Roman numerals (10)
Yard Y, YD Abbreviation
Year Y, YR Abbreviation


Yours truly

I, ME Definition
Zero O Appearance





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